Looking for a stable and legal job
where you will always get your
salary on time? No agents, with an
employment contract and respect
for everyone, regardless of
where they come from.

McDonald’s is one of the largest employers in Poland – it now employs more than
22 thousand people. The employees include students, seniors, the disabled, and
young mothers who combine work with upbringing.

The company is open to various candidates, and every employee has a
guaranteed employment contract and equal chances for getting promoted.
McDonald’s is an attractive employer also because of a flexible working schedule,
which allows for reconciling work with other duties. The candidates do not need to
have experience in catering, because the company provides essential training.

At McDONALD’S® we believe that satisfied employees mean
satisfied guests. This is why we’ll do our best to
make you feel comfortable with us!

You can be

We treat all employees equally, regardless of where they come from.


Mutual respect and direct relationships are what make us stand out from the crowd.


All employees have an employment contract.

Flexible working

You can combine the work with your studies and other duties.


You do not need to have experience in catering, we will teach you everything.


We provide all employees with promotion opportunities, as proven by our managers from Ukraine.

with us?

How to start working with us?

“Welcome to McDonald’s!” –
you hear it for the first time
from our manager.
He will explain everything
to you and resolve all your

You don’t know if we have vacancies? Use the
job search to find the selected restaurant, go
there, and arrange an interview.

  • What documents do you need to start working with us?

    • Passport
    • Residence Card – always together with the decision based on which it was issued (if you have one)
    • Polish Card (if you have one)
    • Visa (if you have one)
  • Studying full-time at a university in Poland?

    You will additionally need an up-to-date certificate confirming your status as a full-time student. The date of issue should be no later than 30 days from the job interview date.

  • Are you a graduate of a Polish university?

    We will additionally need your diploma confirming completion of full-time studies in the Republic of Poland.

  • You are not a student, but you have worked for another employer based on a
    registered declaration?

    We will need a copy of the Declaration of Work Commission registered by another employer.

All McDonald’s employees must also have a medical record book for sanitary and epidemiological purposes.